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For Immediate Release – December 20, 2011

Leduc Foundation announced today their Calmar Affordable Housing Project (2011/2012) which will see an 8-suite apartment building developed in the Town of Calmar. The Calmar Affordable Housing Project will be built in two (2) phases. The first phase (2011/2012) is proposed to be a two storey building consisting of eight (8) suites – four 2-bedroom, three 2-bedroom, and one 4-bedroom suites – which will be placed on the site to permit a second phase of at least twelve suites to be completed in the future as the growth of the community dictates. One 2-bedroom suite and one 3- bedroom suite on the main floor of the building will be barrier free with a 4-bedroom suite on the second floor available to house a larger family. Two suites will be targeted to families fleeing domestic abuse with rents proposed to be 20% below market. The remaining suites will be targeted towards families of modest means from within the region.

“After the recent completion of the 3-Year Leduc-Beaumont-Devon Regional Affordable Housing Plan, which saw the addition of 5 buildings to our portfolio, we are excited to be continuing to grow and welcome the addition of an eight suite affordable housing building in Calmar. The development and ownership of affordable housing provides housing options for the low to moderate income seniors, individuals, and families within our communities.” said Dawson Kohl, Chairman of the Leduc Foundation Board.

Leduc Foundation’s project announcement is a part of Minister Griffith’s, November 18th joint funding announcement of the $40.6 million 2011/2012 Housing Capital Initiatives program. The grants support housing partnerships that leverage the resources and expertise of municipalities, the federal government, non-profit organizations, local housing management bodies, and the private sector.

Leduc Foundation’s $1.8 million project will be funded in part through a $1.2 million Housing Capital Initiative Grant from Municipal Affairs.

Leduc Foundation has supported families through the rental of 14 single family homes in Calmar since 1996. After significant petitioning, the Alberta Government transferred title of 5 of the single family homes to Leduc Foundation. The proceeds contributed to the Leduc-Beaumont-Devon Regional Affordable Housing Plan including the purchase of a 20-suite apartment building in Leduc with a majority of bachelor and one bedroom suites serving recipients of the Alberta Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH). Titles to the remaining homes were transferred to Leduc Foundation with subsequent sales funding affordable housing in the region. It is necessary to maintain affordable housing within the Calmar community to support the already identified need, as well as families fleeing domestic abuse.

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