Senior Management Team


Executive Director - Margot Hagarty


Margot brings extensive experience in housing and community services. She has almost 30 years of experience in leadership positions in non-profit and for-profit organizations relating to housing, seniors’ communities, and long-term care. She was previously the Administrator of a long term care facility where she prioritized a safe living environment for residents, families, staff and visitors. Prior to that role, she held leadership positions with Park Place Seniors Living, Metropolitan Calgary Foundation, Greater Edmonton Foundation and Bethany Care Society. She has been recognized for being a tireless advocate for her residents and leverages her knowledge to provide the highest quality of service and care. She holds two undergraduate degrees from the University of Saskatchewan, including a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Health Care Administration. Margot is passionate about making a difference to her clients, colleagues, and community and believes that simple actions can often have the biggest impact.


Corporate Services Manager - Tammy van Ooyen


Tammy has been part of the LRHF Senior Management Team in her role as Corporate Services Manager since 2009.  She brings a wealth of experience to and is responsible for the development and management of our administrative, human and physical resources.  She ensures that LRHF operations run smoothly and efficiently, while making sure that there is continuing improvement in how we operate.  Tammy is passionate about assisting LRHF’s greatest asset, our employees, to reach their goals so that all our programs and services can be delivered to our residents/tenants and those within our community in the best way possible.


Supportive Living Manager - Sharon Long


Sharon has been part of the LRHF Senior Management Team in her role as Supportive Living Manager since 2011.  The Senior’s Supportive Living Program, as well as the Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness for the organization are her responsibilities.  Sharon has a passion for creating safe and comfortable home-like environments where the Seniors are engaged in their daily life and many options are available to them.  She strives to provide a safe work environment for all who work within the LRHF buildings, as well as the many guests and visitors.


Tenant Services Manager - Rochelle Johannson


Rochelle has been part of the LRHF Senior Management Team in her role as the Tenant Services Manager since 2019. The Tenant Services department is responsible for developing and maintaining tenancies in the affordable, community and seniors apartment buildings, as well as administering the rent supplement programs. Rochelle believes that housing stability and affordability are the foundations to building healthy communities.


Site & Asset Manager - Anthony Lovell


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