Supportive Living (Lodge) Accommodation

Our Supportive Living (Lodge) Accommodation Program serves functionally independent seniors in a home-like atmosphere.


Leduc Regional Housing Foundation’s Supportive Living suites offer residents a private, furnished, bed-sitting room with ensuite bathing.  Wheelchair accessible accommodation is also available.

Supportive Housing one-bedroom suites are offered at Planeview Place complete with a kitchenette, ready for you to furnish with your own belongings.  One meal a day and weekly housekeeping are included in the service package.

Respite (short term) Stay — offered as space permits at Cloverleaf Manor, Warburg.

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Basic Accommodation Charge

The Basic Accommodation Charge is made up of rent and service package charges. 

The rent portion of the Basic Accommodation Charge is based on 30% of line 150 of the previous year Notice of Assessment (as provided by the Canada Revenue Agency).

A Service Package charge is added to the rent portion based on the size of room and services provided. Your basic accommodation charge will be reviewed annually and adjusted whenever your circumstances change.

Service Package Includes:

  • a private bed-sitting room with ensuite bathroom
  • window coverings
  • 3 meals & snacks served daily in the dining room
  • weekly light housekeeping
  • weekly linen & towel change
  • annual deep cleaning of room
  • activities & recreation
  • 24/7 staff monitor the building and contact emergency services for our residents as needed

Suite Type


Package Price




Planeview Manor — North Wing
Planeview Manor — Centre Wing
Cloverleaf Manor — Wing 1, 2, 3

Basic $790



Planeview Manor — East Wing
Planeview Manor — West Wing
Cloverleaf Manor — Wing 4

+ $40



Planeview Manor — South Wing
Planeview Place — Bed/Sitting
Cloverleaf Manor — Double Rooms

+ $82

Basic $1,244


Cloverleaf Manor — Double Rooms

+ $126

+ $44


PL Place, Devon — 1-Bed Suite

+ $355

+ $273


PL Place, Beaumont — large 1-Bed Suite

+ $413

+ $331

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Supportive Housing Service Package Includes:

  • a private 1-bedroom suite with kitchenette and ensuite bathroom

  • window coverings

  • Noon meal and snacks served daily in the dining room
  • weekly light housekeeping
  • annual deep cleaning of room
  • activities & recreation
  • 24/7 staff monitor the building and contact emergency services for our residents as needed

Suite type


Package Price




Planeview Place — 1-Bedroom suite




Planeview Place — large 1-Bedroom suite

+ $52

+ $52

Optional Services Available:

  • Personal laundry — $35.00 per month per person
  • Additional cleaning — $20.00 per hour (1/4 hour minimum)
  • Therapeutic bath — $5.00 per use or $20 per month for 1x/week bathing
  • Fridge Rental (Cloverleaf Manor only) — $5.00 per month
  • Fridge Plug-in — $5.00 per month
  • Vehicle parking — $15 per month
  • Scooter parking (Planeview & West Grove only) — $15 per month
  • Westside dining room, Planeview Place and Wing 4 Lounge, Cloverleaf Manor
    • No Charge — use of room with self-serve/donation for coffee/tea, left clean
    • $40.00 per event — coffee/tea, dishes, cutlery, & clean-up provided
  • Guest Meals — invite your family and friends to dine with you
    • Invite up to 4 guests — provide the kitchen with 2 hours notice.
    • Invite 5 – 9 guests — provide the kitchen with at least 2 days notice.
    • More than 10 will be served in the Private Dining Room/Wing 4 Lounge
    • Charge per person: Breakfast $4.00, Dinner $10.00, Supper $6.00

Additional Services

Numerous in-house services (hairdresser, footcare, etc.) and community supports (Home Care, FCSS, etc.) are also available.

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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Seniors Supportive Living — Lodge Accommodation Program applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Citizenship
  • Residency
  • Age
  • Underage Applicants
  • Functional Independence
  • Suitability

Applicants must:

  • be Canadian citizen; or
  • have landed immigrant status; or
  • have residency equal to that required for Canadian citizenship.

If there is any doubt as to their citizenship, an applicant will be asked for proof of citizenship.


Applicants, or their primary relatives, must have lived within Leduc County for at least one year immediately prior to an application being made. Applications will be considered from individuals who have lived in Leduc County for any previous ten years of their life. If a couple is applying, only one person must meet the residency requirement.


Applicants must be sixty-five (65) years of age or over. Only one of a couple need be sixty-five (65) years of age or over. If there is a significant difference in age, the younger person may be required to give up his/her residency if the other has need of an alternate facility.

Underage Applicants

In the case where there are on-going vacancies the Foundation may consider individuals and couples fifty (50) years of age and over who exhibit characteristics normally attributable to seniors sixty-five (65) years and older. Prior approval must be obtained from the Executive Director for acceptance of these applicants.

Functional Independence

An applicant's health must be such that they are mentally, physically, and emotionally capable of providing for their own needs, with or without the assistance of community based services.

A medical must be completed by a doctor to document an applicant's ability to provide for his/her own needs.

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If there exists a high probability that an applicant possesses a significant social problem(s) which could disrupt the peaceful enjoyment of other residents, he/she may be found unsuitable for accommodation.


To apply for our Seniors Supportive Living — Lodge Accommodation please print a copy of each of the forms listed below and contact the lodge that you wish to apply for to book an appointment by calling:

Planeview Place         Phone:  780.986.2835
Cloverleaf Manor        Phone:  780.848.7717

Seniors Supportive Living — Lodge Accommodation — Application Form