Subsidized Housing

Safe and affordable rental accommodations for individuals and families in bright, clean, and spacious 2, 3, & 4 bedroom townhouses located in the City of Leduc.  Rent is geared to 30% of gross monthly income. 

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Subsidized Housing Program applicant(s) must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • core housing need
  • assets valued below $25,000
  • citizenship
  • residency
  • household make-up
  • suitability

Core Housing Need

An applicant(s) is in core housing need if:

  • the applicant(s) is unable to acquire or maintain adequate or suitable accommodation without paying more than 30% of its total annual income for accommodation, and

  • the applicant(s) has a total annual income below the core need income threshold (CNIT) for the municipality where the social housing accommodation applied for is located and for which the household is making application.

2019 CNITS

1 Bedrm
2 Bedrm
3 Bedrm
4+ Bedrm


Means all property including cash and liquid assets, but does not include:

  • necessary clothing;

  • furniture, household furnishings and household appliances of a reasonable value;

  • one tractor, if it is required for agricultural purposes or for the trade or calling of an individual;

  • no limit to the value of your primary household vehicle.

  • a motor vehicle that is specially adapted to accommodate a disability of a member of the household;

  • any assets of the household or a member of the household that are held by a trustee in bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Canada);

  • assets in pension funds, registered retirement savings plans, tax free savings account (TFSA), or registered retirement income funds;

  • the books of a professional individual required in that individual’s profession;

  • the necessary tools and necessary implements and equipment to the value of $7500 used for the trade or calling of a member of the household.

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All Applicant(s) and members of their household must:

  • be Canadian citizen; or

  • have landed immigrant status; or

  • have residency equal to that required for Canadian citizenship.

If there is any doubt as to their citizenship, an applicant will be asked for proof of citizenship. Households with members holding working Visas are not eligible to apply.


The applicant(s) household must reside within the geographical boundary of Leduc County.

Priority will be given to applicants where one or more individuals of the household have lived within the geographical boundary of Leduc County for at least one year immediately prior to making application; or one or more individuals of a household have lived within the geographical boundary of Leduc County for any previous ten years of their life = “Resident” status. 

Applications not meeting this criteria = “Non-resident”, will be placed on a non-resident waiting list in order of priority.  The Non-Resident Waiting List will be used when the Resident Waiting List is depleted.

Household Make-up

The primary purpose of the Subsidized Housing Program is to assist modest income individuals and families by providing affordable housing. The applicant should be under 65 years of age and may or may not have dependent children.  Applicants who are 65 years of age or older will normally be considered for accommodation through the Seniors Self-Contained Accommodation Program.


Suitability of applicant is at the discretion of Leduc Regional Housing Foundation.


Subsidized Housing - Application Form